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Subwoofer Amplifier

Available Colours  
Black matt
  • 4 x 125W output RMS / 8 ohms
  • Class G/H clean, dynamic power
  • 70V / 100V / low imped. compatible
  • Fully matrixed 4x4 I/O
  • State-of-the-Art DSP control
  • Easy-to-use web-based menu
  • Presets for almost all Jamo speaker
  • 1RU high, rack ears included
  • RRP: $1,699.00

The Jamo JDA-500 offers legendary Jamo power and performance in a sleek, high-tech, 1 rack unit solution. The JDA-500 offers 500W of class G/H power, for clean, dynamic power in any type of install.

From small residential systems to massive commercial installs, the JDA-500 is designed for maximum install flexibility - offering low impedance and 70V/100V compatibility for distributed line applications.

The JDA-500 boasts fully matrixed 4x4 I/O with fully balanced Phoenix and unbalanced RCA inputs, as well as Phoenix speaker outputs capable of connecting up to 12-gauge wire. The myriad I/O, impedance, and acoustic settings are fully matrixed and customizable through the web-based, easy to use, streamlined DSP menu. In addition to password protected channel assignments, gain settings, EQ, and limiting, the DSP provides presets for almost every Jamo speaker on the market - optimizing acoustic performance and power handling for these products with a single click. Accessing the DSP wirelessly with a tablet, smartphone, or computer is also quick and easy when the JDA-500 is plugged into the network's wireless router.

Output Power
500 Watts
4-Channel @ 125 Watts/Channel
Bridgeable to 2 x 250W
70V/100V or 8/4 ohm Compatibility

(4) Balanced Phoenix
(4) Unbalanced RCA

(4) Phoenix - Up to 12 Gauge
(4) RCA Line Throughs