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6.5" In-Wall LCR Speaker

Available Colours  
  • 3-way in-wall surround speaker
  • Jamo 600 series
  • Two 1" DTT silk dome tweeters
  • Two 3" honeycomb fibreglas midrange
  • One 6.5" honeycomb fiberglas woofer
  • Dipole/Bipole Selector switching
  • Tweeter, Mid & Impedance switching
  • Paintable magnetic frame and grille
  • RRP: $1,449.00

IW 606 SUR FG II is an in-wall miracle, and a potent addition to any surround system.

The IW 606 SUR FG II is a 2-way in-wall speaker, part of the 600 line. These speakers use only the best materials and feature the most advanced technologies currently available.

Specially designed to be side or rear surrounds in a first-class home theatre system, the coincidental dual tweeter and midrange design provides clear, cinematic environmental effects. Dipole/Bipole selector switching allows for the perfect surround sound experience for your room and system.

High-performance features include:

  • DTT (Decoupled tweeter Technology) to eliminate unwanted vibration that colors sound.
  • HCC (Hard Conical Cone) technology for clear, detailed sound with virtually no distortion.
  • WaveGuide tweeter faceplate design controls sound pattern for open, dynamic sound.
  • Center plug to replace traditional dust cap, for cooler, more stable sound reproduction.
  • A paintable magnetic grille that attaches quickly and blends invisibly in any room

The speaker's plastic bridge makes installation very easy, as you can safely use this as a handle leaving your other hand free for holding a drill, screwdriver etc. The grille covers the whole of the speaker which makes painting the product both simpler and quicker as you don't need to paint the speaker itself. Sold individually.