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What is a Thorens ‘fully-automatic’ turntable?  It’s one of four models in our range which makes playing LPs as easy and safe as playing CDs in a CD player. The auto-mechanism used in selected Thorens turntables is a German-made, tried-and-tested precision metal component.
A fully automatic turntable greatly reduces the chances of damaging or permanently scratching your record’s grooves or breaking the delicate stylus of your cartridge (which, depending on the type, can be costly to replace). It also means the platter won’t keep spinning at the end of the record, should you get distracted and forget it’s playing.

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1. Place an LP or single on the platter. 

2. Choose the speed (33⅓, 45 or 78RPM (Note: the TD158 does not have 78 speed). The speed selection determines the starting-point of the tone arm: 33⅓ = 12”, 45 = 7”, 78 = 10” 

3. Push the ‘START / STOP’ lever to ‘START’! 

4. The platter starts spinning, then the tone arm automatically lifts, moves to the start of the record, then gently lowers itself down to the start of the first track. 

5. Should you wish to interrupt playback at any time, push the lever to ‘STOP’ and the tone-arm will automatically return to the cradle/mount.

6. At the end of the record, the tone-arm automatically lifts-up and returns to the cradle/mount. The platter stops spinning.

7. Change to a different record (or leave the same one on) and push ‘START’ – and the process begins again!

Image on the left : The auto-mechanism is partially visible with the platter removed (TD170-1)

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Fully-Automatic Turntables

Easy-to-use entry level fully automatic turntable
RRP: $599.00
Fully Automatic Turntable
RRP: $799.00
Turntable with Phono Pre-amp
RRP: $899.00

Fully Automatic Turntable
RRP: $999.00
Classic fully automatic turntable with solid wood plinth
RRP: $1,299.00
Classic fully automatic turntable with solid wood plinth - Gloss Black or Walnut
RRP: $1,499.00

Modern turntable with advanced suspension system & glass platter
RRP: $2,799.00

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