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As good as it gets.

With the development of the R900 speakers, Jamo set new standards for performance in the high-end speaker category.

R909 and R907 construction is based upon an open dipolar principle: i.e. the sound that comes out of the front is mirrored by the sound that comes out of the back .The principles of dipole operation are relatively well known in the high-end speaker market. On one hand, the construction provides some completely unique acoustic characteristics and a more openand natural tone.

On the other hand, dipolar speakers have been previously known for lacking the ability to produce the characteristic physical bass “thump” that you can feel, because many of the earlier versions of dipolar speakers were based on electrostatic principles. To solve this problem we have used electro-dynamic drive units instead of electrostatic and fitted theR900 speakers with special large bass drive units featuring an oversized membrane area.

The low-frequency-roll-off normally associated with dipole speakers is compensated by massive components in the crossover network of the R900 speakers. The result is amazing. Ultimate Audio. The construction principles of the amazing R909 were also used in the slightly smaller R907 loudspeaker. The Jamo Reference Series is not designed for a mass-market audience. It is for those who demand an absolutely peak performance stereo speaker. It has been created for the increasing number of people who prefer a two-channel solution when listening to their favourite music, because of its ability to deliver an exceptional, refined sound experience. The Reference Series is dedicated to the discerning listener who will settle for nothing less than true state of the art re-creation of the musical event.


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