Bringing Music to Life

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Catering to a wide range of musical tastes, personal preferences and budgets, the line-up of Jamo’s traditional loudspeakers includes the Concert series and Studio series. Jamo Concert is a series of top of the line stereo and surround with the aim of recreating the perfect concert experience – nothing more, nothing less. Regardless of its size, every speaker in the series is represented by the capital C as in Concert. The sculptural C800 speakers, with their high level of finish and perfectly balanced sound, are a tribute to the great music and film experiences that we all love and that give us such pleasure. The speakers in the C800 and C600 series share a number of attributes: they feature tweeters with DTT and WaveGuide, as well as woofers and midrange units using Hard Conical Cone and Centre-Plug technology. All floor-standing speakers in the Concert series feature bi-wiring, allowing you to fine-tune the sound in perfect harmony with your room.

One of Australia’s best-selling speaker systems, Jamo S606, is one of the many speaker systems available in the Jamo Studio series. This amazing value-for-money, but high performance range reflects the designs and technologies from the premium Concert series. Listening to your latest music or enjoy a movie blockbuster with Jamo Studio.

Jamo S626

Jamo S626
The Jamo S 626 is an exceptional 3-way speaker featuring a...

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