Authorized Reseller Warning - Loewe

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QualiFi strongly advises EXTREME CAUTION regarding the purchase of any of our brands from an unauthorised source.

Enjoy peace of mind when purchasing from an authorised Reseller, as purchasing from an unauthorised Reseller means you may miss out on:

  • Australian Warranty
  • The supply of the correct spare parts
  • Firmware and Software updates, if needed*
  • Ongoing service backup
  • Product specifications / features such as correct voltage*, correct AM radio steps* and correct BD/DVD region-coding*

Authorised electrical products in Australia can be best identified by the C-Tick logo* (our C-Tick logo is 'N2409', as per above) - this appears on the rear panel of selected products.

To confirm whether a Reseller you are considering purchasing from is an Authorised Reseller, please see below or contact QualiFi P/L on (03) 8542 1122 or via email on sales@qualifi.com.au

* Applies to selected brands/models distributed by QualiFi

How to best find Authorised Resellers in your area
All resellers that appear in the ‘Showrooms’ section or listed as a stockist of a model on this website are Authorised Resellers. To check if a particular reseller is an Authorised Reseller, please contact QualiFi on (03) 8542 1111 or info@qualifi.com.au